Head 2 Toe

A bboy since 1997! Born in Don, Russia and since 1995 he lives in The Netherlands. Drosha is a proud member of the Head 2 Toe crew. He keeps pursuing his own unique style with influences of popping, house, modern. He won several titles in different dancestyles. His crown title and probably best performance was winning Juste Debout 2012 experimental. Drosha shares his knowledge through lectures, workshops, teaching and his own ‘Hiphop lab 040’. He’s a man of knowledge, wisdom and experience, that’s what makes him the perfect judge for Unbreakable.


32 Year old Extremo is a Spanish legend who’s known for being one of the best judges out there! He made the Spanish bboy scene for what it is today, together with his crew ‘Addictos’. They won several big competitions (like BOTY), which made travelling and living from dance possible for Extremo. You can’t argue with his decisions, because he will always make the right one!


Who doesn't know this guy. Bboy, DJ, coach, commentator, ... an allround hiphop head. He has al the front row seats at the biggest competitions worldwide. He knows this dance from old to new!