Prize: trophy + 50 euro
Judges: Lussy Sky
Rules: only footwork! Maximum 40 inscriptions!!!
Qualification: 1 round, 1 judge = GO HARD OR GO HOME!
Register check on day of the event: 13:30
Start: 14:00
On the decks: Whyfly, Goss One
On the mic: Teekay (The Netherlands - Hidden Artifacts)
This will take place in the main room.

Check the full timetable on the info page.

Don't worry if your name doesn't appear in the line-up, we'll update the website regulary!

Batfreeze - Belgium
Samael - Italy
Wanderson Santos - Brazil
Jonathan Dias Ribeiro - Brazil
Arsex - Russia
Gorka - Spain
The Kid - Bulgaria
Niktia - Poland
Dee - The Netherlands
Jerry very much - Japan
MG - Slovakia
Flash Rock - Belgium
Petion - Poland
Vinnie - Philippines
Castor - Belgium
Calvin - Germany
Djibril - Belgium
Duzk - The Netherlands
Bartek - Poland
Steex - Belgium
Ninja - Spain
SamSonic - Russia
Boneless Dave - Belgium
Kiriush - Belgium
Lil King - Poland
Jay - France


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